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Lamp market gradually stabilized, highlighting the lamp industry overcapacity

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The high profit of the lamp industry makes many enterprises blindly follow the trend, competing into the lighting industry for development, and even some enterprises across the border, but also want to divide the lamp industry a cup of soup, lighting industry is overcrowded.

After experiencing the high-speed development of the lighting industry, the lamp market gradually stabilized, then the rigid demand of the lamp market has lost its effect, resulting in excess capacity of lamp enterprises.

The problem of excess capacity in lamp enterprises Now, the promotion of lighting is intensified, especially the purchase promotion is engaged in the Fengfenghuohuo, whether it is a large and small festival or anniversary celebrations or even unrelated days will have group buying activities. Although these group buying activities to some extent the benefits of consumers, but also from the side of the light of the sales status of the weak.

Lamp industry has always been on the scale, sales attention, while neglecting the core technology and the output of the lamp, so that most of the lamp enterprises have high capacity, large inventory problem.

New business model becomes the mainstream of luminaire sales Lighting industry is the beginning of the impact of the market, lighting enterprises can have a lot of capacity is the key to success, the higher the production capacity represents you have a higher market share. and the lamp market after many years of development, especially the rise of e-commerce, changed the consumer's long-term shopping habits.

Make the new business model to become the mainstream of lamp sales, but the lamp is also due to the low threshold, so that many small and medium-sized enterprises are not aware of the changes in the industry, did not take the initiative to change the industry and business model. Small and medium-sized enterprises can not understand the final direction of the industry, but large enterprises in the lighting industry for many years, has already been sensitive to the new round of the lamp Industrial revolution. But the ship disaster turn around, the enterprise big, many models have been stereotyped, in order to maintain the stability and profitability of the enterprise, it is difficult for business owners to show the courage of the bemoaned initiative to seek reform, resulting in the nausea cycle.

form the potential of cumbersome. A slight excess of overcapacity may improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

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