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Several common lamps for urban landscape illumination

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Urban landscape lighting is an important part of the urban modernization process, so with the increasing demand for urban lighting quality, landscape lighting is also in the innovation, both in the lighting technology or in the quality of the luminaire has a qualitative leap.

Major international brands are mainly concentrated in the following varieties of outdoor lighting products are undergoing large-scale development and have been put into a global commercialization of the application:

Wall Washer Lamps: Philips ' competitive edge in single-wall-washer-only products has gone far beyond any competitor;

Color buried lights, underwater lights: Has nearly a decade of successful use of color LED history;

Landscape City Walking Lights: China's current market is still a blank, the original park lighting Design Center has the latest research results can be used to quickly transform the lamp manufacturing enterprises into the eye-catching landscape city walking lights;

Business Fashion desk lamp: In the field of office lighting and fashion industry is the most blazing hot luxury, lamp profit is high, need to support the master of lighting design;

Small color illumination Tree light: In the international brand is the development of the most widely favored products. It can be seen that the above-mentioned types of LED lamps and lanterns on the lighting functional indicators are much lower and easy to achieve, the internationalization of large companies LED lighting research and development direction is basically focused on landscape lighting and indicator lighting, and did not enter the road lighting lamps and other functional lighting indicators of high demand for the field.

As long as strict quality clearance, good products are bound to be concerned. China's outdoor lighting trading network is a focus on the wholesale of lamps, lamps procurement, lighting investment, lighting to join the e-commerce platform, concentrated on the whole country to travel all enterprises to purchase genuine goods, genuine wholesale. To provide consumers with professional outdoor lighting trading platform and information, has a wealth of outdoor lighting resources. The quality of outdoor luminaires can be ensured fundamentally.

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